Artist Statement

My work focuses on the dark humor, irony, and never ending secrets of human relationships. Comparing, layering, combining, collaging and obsessing over the images, ideas and symbols fuels my investigation.   

Some of the smaller works utilize surfaces and found images originating on the most mundane and disposable of kitchen supplies, storage tins. Painted surfaces, small wooden structures covered with printed metal, drawings on paper or alternative surfaces and prints are the final form for this ritual of collecting, cutting, piecing, combining and nailing.  

The real truth of the matter is that I love taking gaudy trash and making it into something better. The challenge and ultimate joy of my process is allowing unexpected elements and images to come together in a symphony of accident and intent. This dance is one of the major keys to a successful outcome for me. My interest in active, sometimes repetitive mark making or construction methods such as nailing is also pivotal to how I work in paint, ink, dry media and metal. I love the search for what appears to be a perfect, effortless and evocative mark.